Leadership coaching, facilitation and team coaching can be extended to broader programmes that encourage systemic thinking and collaboration across organisations; for example, integrating new teams following a restructuring or fostering partnership working.

The principles and approach, as explained in my book Collaborating for Results, can be adapted and used in a variety of contexts to develop the strategic thinking and working relationships required to tackle complex systemic challenges.

Leaders set the cultural tone and influence the pattern of relationships across the organisation. In our volatile, uncertain and complex world leaders today are in charge but not necessarily in control and face three key challenges:

  1. Seeing and understanding the larger organisation system they are seeking to influence
  2. Developing collaborative conversations – holding up the mirror to challenge their own way of seeing the issues, encouraging others to do the same and reconciling differences
  3. Working in partnership with others to transform the organisation and the business, leading with the heart as well as the head.

Leaders who achieve this can develop organisations that are resilient in the face of the uncertainty and complexity and future-capable in a rapidly changing world.

I draw on a wealth of experience and approaches, including large group methodologies, to shift behaviour from silo working to engaging with the wider system and the collective focus from reactive problem-solving to co-creating the future.

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Leadership Coaching
I coach leaders, managers and professionals and provide coach training and supervision.
I facilitate teams and groups in a variety of contexts and provide facilitation training.