Facilitation, Team Coaching and Action Learning

Teams are the added value contributors to performance in today’s organisations and are central to successful collaboration for results. Your organisation needs teams that are open and flexible, focused on priority tasks and able to step back, review and adapt to the people and events around them. Team leaders need to be role models and attend to the performance and working relationships within their own teams as well as between teams across the organisation.

I provide facilitation and team coaching in a variety of contexts to develop the strategic thinking and working relationships needed to tackle complex systemic challenges. Examples include:

  • Action Learning Sets needing help with start-up, skills and facilitation
  • Executive teams needing to work together better to run the whole organisation
  • Operational teams needing to work smarter in the face of significant challenges and reduced resources
  • Newly formed teams, perhaps following a restructuring, needing to develop a shared identity and ways of working
  • Project teams needing to improve collaboration and conduct learning reviews
  • Meetings that require facilitation to support the conversation, keep things on track and allow members to focus on the work

When coaching teams, research and experience has taught me that taking a systemic approach achieves the best results:

  • Developing the team in the context of the wider organisation and relationships with key stakeholders
  • Developing productive working relationships through individual and team coaching and facilitation, focused on achieving the team’s business objectives
  • Transferring skills and processes such as action learning and review so that teams can self-manage their own learning and development

As well as collaboration for results, facilitation and team coaching develop individual and organisational resilience to deal with uncertainty and change.

I work with leaders and their teams to design the best development process to fit their circumstances and adapt the approach on the journey. I often use feedback processes, my own relationship review process, the Relationship Insights Generator™ (RIG) and psychometric questionnaires in this work.

I specialise in Action Learning Set start-up and facilitation to foster collaborative enquiry and learning across organisations that consistently produces breakthrough results at personal and business levels. I have many years of experience running these on leadership and management programmes.

Please contact me to discuss facilitation for your organisation.

Facilitator Training

I can equip leaders, managers and others in your organisation with the necessary skills and confidence to facilitate and improve group meetings and develop better team working. This includes Action Learning Sets. Training workshops can be run according to the level of skill and application required.

Please contact me to discuss your facilitator training needs.

Leadership Coaching
I coach leaders, managers and professionals and provide coach training and supervision.
I help leaders develop collaborative organisations that adapt to constant change.