Collaborating for Results

Collaborating for Results Silo Working and Relationships that Work by David Ian Willcock

“Wide-ranging and comprehensive. Willcock provides an excellent explanation of how change can really occur in organizations. He simultaneously illustrates the details of the change process and provides relevant examples from his considerable experience while keeping the big picture squarely in view. This is an immensely valuable roadmap for people in organizations and professionals alike”.

Ethan Schutz, President & CEO, The Schutz Company, New York

My book Collaborating for Results: Silo Working and Relationships that Work, is available from Amazon and Routledge publishing. The book explains my approach to organisational development and includes practical tools and approaches for developing individuals, teams and organisations that are flexible, adaptable and collaborate for results.

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David Willcock introduces his book ‘Collaborating for Results: Silo Working and Relationships that Work.’

The Relationship Insights Generator

The Relationship Insights Generator™ (RIG) is a process exclusive to Liberating Potential Ltd.for reviewing and improving key working relationships based on my book, Collaborating for Results. The process is described in the book but the RIG is a practical tool I use in my work for:

  • executive and leadership coaching – working with clients who need to improve key working relationships
  • team development – developing open, collaborative and high performing teams
  • organisation development – improving integration and collaboration for results

This RIG helps individuals and teams review and improve the working relationships they have with other people they engage with on important programmes, projects and shared work – including cross-functional and cross-organisation work where different ‘silos’ need to work together.

The strength of this process is that it goes beyond an assessment of the health of the working relationship to provide insights that will help individuals and their stakeholders to plan improvements.

Please contact me to improve your relationships and performance.

Psychometric profiling

Psychometric profiling can help with talent management, the development of productive working relationships and risk assessment, providing additional insight into strengths and areas for development. I use psychometric instruments where appropriate to support coaching, facilitation and broader organisational development work. I also do risk profiling as part of management due diligence and organisation change, providing assessment and feedback for individual managers and management teams.

I offer a wide range of ability, personality and behaviour instruments including:

  • Verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning as well as decision-making tests
  • Jungian Psychological Type indicators such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
  • Broad personality trait questionnaires such as 15FQ+™ and NEO-PIR®
  • Behavioural questionnaires such as FIRO® Elements and the Hogan™ Development Survey

This allows me to choose the most appropriate combination depending on the presenting need.


Further Information

Please contact me for further information, such as my brief guide to remote and virtual team working.

Leadership Coaching
I coach leaders, managers and professionals and provide coach training and supervision.
I facilitate teams and groups in a variety of contexts and provide facilitation training.
I help leaders develop collaborative organisations that adapt to constant change.